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Vengan Pa’ Ka is a farm-to-cart mobile food truck focusing on vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Our main objective is to provide sustainably grown, organic, plant-based products while focusing on renewable practices and conscious consumption. Sustainability is at the forefront of VPK’s ideology. We strive to obtain majority of our produce from local organic purveyors. Our environmentally driven practices set us apart from the rest by putting a strong focus on eco-friendly products, compost programs, and community outreaches. By providing innovative culinary techniques, VPK hopes to entice even the non-vegan population into enjoying dishes that contribute to environmental sustainability and a conscious lifestyle. On-the-go, seasonal food options, i.e. sandwiches, wraps, tacos, stir-fry’s, and soups, will fuse together a variety of cultural cooking techniques to create a final product that packs as much flavor as it does nutritional value. 


Why the title? “Vengan Pa’ Ka” is a vital component of this company’s manifestation. ‘Vengan’ is a Spanish verb that means “to come,” i.e. vengan a comer con nosotros = come and eat with us. ‘Pa’ Ka’ is street slang, i.e. para acá = over here, but also alludes to the phonology of South Asian dialects. The multicultural symbolism in VPK represents the owner and head chef’s diverse background both in
life as well as in cooking. Each dish showcases a fusion of different culinary styles that complement the plants being used.


Vengan Pa’ Ka is more than food; it’s a lifestyle.

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